Make A FPV Need What Components And Tools


In recent years, FPV has increasingly appeared in our field of vision. There may be some people who are interested in him but don't know how to start. Today, let's take a look at what it is composed of and what tools will be used.

FPV is actually called FPV Drone or Racing Drone.

Current FPVs do not have the ability to cruise autonomously, so they are not actually drones. It belongs to the category of remote control aircraft, also called model airplane. Now the mainstream FPV are all four-axis multi-rotor drones.


diy fpv drone

The main components of the FPV include the following, let us take a look:

The main components of FPV include the following, let's take a look:

Flight control

Flight control is the core of the drone traveling through the aircraft. Its main function is to adjust the flight according to the input parameters of the sensor (IMU) and the real-time output signal of the user's command.


The power system includes ESC, motor and blades. The ESC is to control the speed of the motor, and the motor and blades generate power through rotation. So as to control the speed and altitude of the FPV in flight.

Of course, most of its branches are fixed with screws. In order to save time and improve efficiency during production and maintenance, you can use a smart electric screwdriver to make your FPV stronger.


Flat knitting machines generally use lithium batteries, that is, lithium polymer batteries (Li-Po). Generally, the number of S refers to how many batteries are connected in series (S is series, P is parallel).

BTW, self-spot welding of battery packs is also a technical problem, which requires good tools and spot welding quality. Recommend a very practical spot welding machine SQ-SW1. Very friendly to newcomers and old friends! And its service life can be as long as 10 years.


spot batteries

Picture transmission and Remote control system

The image transmission system includes the image transmission module on the fuselage, the camera and the FPV glasses on the ground.The remote control installed on the fuselage and used on the ground is usually included in the remote control purchased.

Machine frame

The frame is the skeleton of the traversing machine. At present, the mainstream is the X-shaped frame, which is basically made of carbon fiber materials. According to different shaft ratios, it is also divided into width X, length X, normal X, and different X racks. Different racks have different advantages and disadvantages in terms of speed and stability.

For its production, maintenance, and wiring, the most commonly used soldering iron is an electric soldering iron, and different soldering iron tips are suitable for racks of different specifications.


fpv drone soldering iron

Distribution board

The distribution board is a circuit board, and the four motors are connected to the distribution board to obtain operating voltage. These components are not necessarily separate. Of course, it is the second core part of FPV, and it also has certain technical requirements for the selection of electric soldering iron and welding technology.

Having said that, I believe everyone will understand that although FPV is small in size, it is powerful.However, it is different from drones that capture nature in television images.

In the next issue, let us understand the difference between it and drones. See you next time!

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