How To Spot Weld A Battery Pack


Hello everyone, I believe that friends who like DIY models are very important to the process of assembling batteries. Therefore, for novices, how should I start using DIY battery packs for spot welders? Today, I will make a short demonstration video for my Mini Intelligent DIY Spot Welder.


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In fact it is very simple. As long as you have a Battery Clamp or a Lithium Battery Fixed Bracket, this can actually solder many parallel packages very well.


battery holder 18650

The first thing to do is to cut a small piece of nickel and then bend it a bit. It is very flexible and easy to operate.Therefore, this is only a small part of the actual operation.


Spot welding battery

First, you must arrange the batteries in a row and fix them, then use your fingers to fix the nickel strips and bring the welding head close to the center position, then release your fingers and press the spot welding switch (in order to fix the position of the nickel strips in the center). Next, you can spot weld each battery again without using your fingers (small batteries can be spot welded twice for each battery)


spot welder with foot pedal

Some spot welding machines may be more troublesome to operate by one person, so some tools are needed to assist us in the operation,so that the production process is safer and more efficient. Here, I recommend a very practical suit-sw1, it has three suits for everyone to choose:
1. Use a split welding pen to work. (The most common mode)

2.Use the foot pedal to connect so that sw1 can be controlled by the pedal.

3.Use the automatic trigger of the spot welding pen to work.

I’m sure it might be easier to step on the pedals, but honestly, if there is no standard workbench outdoors, the third possibility is easier to operate.


spot welder pen

Lithium battery welding requires more experience or skills for operators, because it requires us to follow appropriate steps and methods as much as possible, and determine feasible solutions based on actual conditions. However, there are many things worth noting, and improper operation may even cause incalculable losses and troubles.

So let us carefully understand the precautions for welding lithium batteries.

  1. Will it explode when soldering with an electric soldering iron?

Take the 18650 lithium battery as an example. Connecting three 18650 batteries in parallel and soldering with an electric iron will not explode, but your wrong method may cause safety hazards.

①The surface of 18650 cannot be directly soldered with an electric soldering iron.

②If the welding should be done by spot welding the nickel tape with the connecting piece, or by the wire connection welding.

③The time for soldering with an electric soldering iron should be controlled within 5 seconds.

Precautions for using lithium batteries:

Precautions for using lithium batteries

①Please read the product manual carefully and follow the operating steps;

②Check whether the contacts of the battery are clean, wipe them clean with a damp cloth if necessary, and install them in the correct polarity direction after drying;

③Do not mix old and new batteries or different types of batteries;

④Do not put the battery in the water, otherwise it will cause the battery to malfunction; do not throw it into the fire, otherwise it will cause the battery to rupture or explode.

Therefore, if you want to ensure the highest possible safety and efficiency in actual use, you need to pay attention to the use of lithium batteries. If you want to perform further operations, you should also combine the actual situation to avoid serious problems. Due to lack of common sense’s consequence.

The above is today’s sharing, I hope every DIY will bring you happiness.

Be careful!

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