SEQURE Technology Wishes Everyone a Merry Christmas!


The Christmas is coming!

Every year we do the same things in this special festival.May be it has not such great thing,we still enjoy the happiness with our families,our friends or some people you want to,just choose the people you want,that’s is your freedom.In this special year,Who do you want to spend this Christmas with?

Although,We do the same things every year,just like prepare something you want,or buy the things you expected long time,the important step-Making turkey!When i think about this, i just feel so hot in my heart.The most simple thing,we do that with our most sincere and most grateful heart,and we feel happy!

So What is Christmas in simple words?

Christmas is celebrated on 25 December. It is a holiday to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ, who, according to the Christian religion, is the son of God. The name is a joining of “Christ” and “mass” which means the holy mass (supper, celebration or festival) of Christ.

Do you celebrate Christmas on the 24th or 25th?Although December 25th (or the late afternoon/evening of December 24th) is the date when most people celebrate Christmas, there are some other dates as well!We don’t need to care so much about that.

Armenian Churches observed the nativity on January 6 even before the Gregorian calendar originated. Most Armenian Christians use the Gregorian calendar, still celebrating Christmas Day on January 6. Some Armenian churches use the Julian calendar, thus celebrating Christmas Day on January 19 on the Gregorian calendar, with January 18 being Christmas Eve. Some regions also celebrate primarily on December 24, rather than December 25.

With a most grateful heart.

Life may be tough,may be hard,but it always accompanied by other feelings.With a most grateful heart,we will feel relax,and easy to accept something unfair or something terrible.That is the real life.And we will reward more like happiness.The 2020 is not a smooth year,actually,is a huge challenge for everyone here.But we still need to face it.And always with a most grateful heart.In this Christmas time,just be happy!

At last,Whatever your own experiences this year,wherever and however you are watching, wish you a peaceful and very happy Christmas!Not only Christmas festival,everyday to be happy.Wish all the best wishes to all of you!Enjoy the delicious turkey and the happy time.


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