Are Electric Screwdrivers Worth It?


I have been looking for tools that can improve efficiency. This time, I think I have found a better electric screwdriver SQ-ES126.

Sequre's electric screwdriver is called SQ-ES126 smart screwdriver, let's take a look.


smart screwdriver

In this kit, it comes with the following accessories:

  • Various screwdriver boxes and a manual handle
  • Instructions and stickers

We can see that there is a screwdriver in the box here, as well as a bunch of screwdrivers and tips. This material is stainless steel, which can make the product have a better experience.

At the bottom is the charging port, which supports Type-c interface 5V power supply and firmware upgrade. The product manual is attached with the product name in Chinese on the cover and two introductions in Chinese and English.(Tips: Novices, please read the instructions carefully before use.)


screwdrivers tips

Then look at the toolbox attracted by some magnets. Open it and you will have many options here, including 24 screwdriver bits. Enough to meet all the types required in your daily operations.Another point worth mentioning is that it has a fixed torque, which can fix the screws without damaging the screws, and prolong the service life of the product.

SQ-ES126 is an STM32-based MCU with a high-definition OLED digital display. This is a good driver. If you are looking for such a driver, this product is not expensive.What I want to say is that this is not necessary, but it is absolutely necessary.

Because when you know that there are a lot of screws on the screen and it is really long for those ordinary manual screwdrivers, you have to sit there and operate it manually for five minutes, and electric screwdrivers are much faster, which is easily like twisting one The same as plastic bottle caps.


LED Light Electric Screwdrivers

Therefore, if you want to replace the screw head, you can use any one in the box. They are moderate in length and will not fall off due to instability. The interface of the electric screwdriver has small rotation and is easy to replace.

In fact, if you only prefer manual operation, then the strength of the arm becomes an issue. These questions will become very difficult, you need In order to be able to loosen the screw, there must be sufficient force. Therefore, the tool will come in handy. First, please check how this machine works.

After turning on the power screwdriver, there is very little shown here, you can set it, so you can set the forward power like a real screwdriver. There are other settings, the setting of how much power is applied is very simple. You can set the ticket by pressing this button 3 times so that it shows on the box that the screwdriver is not a drill.

In the only hook, if you want to run it, you must press the key of one of the bottom button or the top button.

As shown here, its uniqueness is that its speed varies with angle, which is difficult to find, but it changes its rotation trajectory. This is the so-called angle induction effect. When you don't want to press any button, you can operate according to the memory, you will find that it will detect the way you want to rotate the screw and loosen the screw.Therefore it is called a smart screwdriver!


screwdrivers toolstation

Finally, the three LED lights on the pen tip are easy to use. It can also be operated smoothly outdoors or in low-light areas.

The above is today’s sharing, I hope it will be helpful to you after reading this article.

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