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      Problem 1:No Display

      Check:If the cable is broken
      Check:Is there any data in USB mode
      Check:If the screen needs to be replaced                       

      Check:Is the input voltage too low? Please adjust the input voltage to 12 ~ 24V. After entering standby state, it can continue to use according to normal operation

      Problem 2: After power-on, the display screen does not move at a boot interface, or press any button after entering the standby state.

      Solution: The input voltage is too low, please adjust the input voltage to 12~24V, and continue to use as normal after standby.
      Problem 3:Every time when installing a new tip, the temperature status display random numbers
      Means the machine is checking status,which is normal.
      Problem 4:Soldering iron restart automatically
      Check 1:Is it properly plugged into the power source?
      Check 2:Is the voltage too low?
      (need to be set up in the config file) 
      Problem 5:Soldering iron is heating up and cooling down  simultaneously
      Check 1:Is the tip first time in use?
      Check 2:Is the power cord in loose or defective contact?
      Check 3:Is the tip overheating?
                    Set the temperature in appropriate level
      Check 4:Is the soldering iron clean?
                    refer to "Soldering iron tip maintenance"
      Problem 6After power-on, the soldering iron can be heated, but the heating speed is slow and the temperature is unstable, and the temperature display value of the display screen is unstable.
      Solution: Generally, the input voltage is slightly lower. Please adjust the input voltage to 12~24V for normal use.
      Problem 7:OLED shows "Warning!" (see Figure 1)
                                               Figure 1
      Check 1:Is the TS100 overheating?
      Is TS100 temperature higher than the maximum operation temperature When temperature is lower than maximum operation temperature, the warning sign will disappear and it will return to operation mode
      Problem 8:OLED displays"High-Vt"(see Figure 2)
                                                Figure 2
      Check:Is the voltage too high?(over 24V)
      Please adjust the input voltage to 12~24V, the warning will disappear, and after entering the standby state, you can continue to use it according to the normal operation.
      Problem 9:OLED displays "Sen-err"(see Figure 3, Figure 4)
                                  Figure 3                                        Figure 4
      Check 1:Is the soldering iron installed properly?
      Check 2:If check 1 passes, then replace the soldering iron tip
      Problem 10: The tip doesn’t stick to the solder
                  1.Tip temperature is over 400℃
                  2.The soldering side of the tip is not applied with solder properly
                  3.Lack of flux during operation
                  4.Rub the tip against dry or high sulfur sponge or fabric
                  5.Tip touched organic material like plastic,silicone oil or other chemicals
                  6.Using impure solder or solder that contains low proportion of tin
      Problem 11:TS100 return to standby mode during operation
      Check:Is the voltage lower than default(10V)  Wait until voltage recovers , it could work normally when the voltage is over 10V 

      Problem 12User's point of view to use USB to connect to the computer to modify the boot LOGO, after a few modifications, I found that I can't modify the LOGO again. On the one hand: it may show insufficient disk memory; on the other hand: the disk display has memory, obviously copy the LOGO to the specified On the disk, but the disk will not be saved. After disconnecting the USB, connect to the USB and find that the LOGO file copied to the disk is gone.       

      Solution: No matter what method you use to format the disk under CONFIG condition (quick format is not recommended, this method will not be successful in general), you must format it to 8KB. The computer may remind you that Windows cannot complete the formatting. This reminder can be ignored. Just check that the disk is 8KB available, indicating that you have successfully formatted, and then customize the LOGO again according to the instructions.