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      1.Batteries will be shipped in another package if you purchase them together with other products.

      2.Batteries are NOT eligible for free shipping.

      3. As battery belong to danger goods in international shipping, to be safe, it will be carried by specific DG flight. The shipping time will be longer than normal.  (About 15-30days)

      4.Batteries cannot be shipped to Hongkong;Taiwan;Macau.


      18650 power lithium battery, A-type battery, super long battery life, longer life, safe and environmentally friendly; Stable voltage and low internal resistance, stable power supply, low power consumption.Product application: DIY battery pack, mobile power, miner's lamp, bicycle lithium battery, electric toy, lithium rechargeable drill, scooter, airplane model etc.


      Package Included:

      Option One: 4*2000mAh 5C


      Option Two: 4*2500mAh 10C


      Overall Dimension:

      Product Size: /

      Net Weight Of Product: /

      Package Size: 80*70*21mm

      Packing Weight: 200g