Why Electric Screwdrivers are Important?


Electric screwdrivers are very different from our common manual screwdrivers. Although these two tools have the purpose of tightening or loosening screws, the main difference lies in the power source of the driving force-a manual screwdriver relies on the force applied by a person to work, while an electric screwdriver obtains energy from the power source to which it is connected.


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Because electric screwdrivers have better productivity and ease of use, while reducing costs, they are becoming more and more popular with DIY operators. So it is important to have an electric screwdriver in your toolbox. Various electric screwdrivers are used for different purposes. To find the right electric screwdriver for yourself, you need to know some common questions and their answers.

1.About the speed of my electric screwdriver

Each screwdriver has its maximum and minimum RPM during operation. Generally, an electric screwdriver with a higher RPM has a lower torque potential. And the smart electric screwdriver has adjustable speed and induction function, SQ-ES126 is a smart screwdriver with multi-directional angle sensing.which can better match your operation.


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2. About the appearance types of common electric screwdrivers

In automation, you don’t need a handle or trigger screwdriver, you can use an installable screwdriver. But for workers, there are many options, such as angled, pistol, or in-line grips. However, a portable smart electric screwdriver with a sophisticated system and powerful functions is the first choice.ES-126 is a MCU based on STM32, equipped with high-definition OLED digital display, supports Type-c interface 5V power supply and firmware upgrade. 

3. About the screw size required for work

The drill bit of the electric screwdriver can be replaced to complete various screw sizes and styles. A complete set of electric screwdrivers are equipped with matching screw heads to meet all the needs in daily work.


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Advantages of an Electric Screwdriver

CONVENIENT: The electric screwdriver has a shape that is easy to hold, so it is very convenient to use. Due to their high-speed capabilities, these tools can work faster. Some models are equipped with practical accessories, such as LED lights and a series of screws, which can provide better comfort for work.es-126 have three LEDs on the front are illuminated at close range, allowing users to use and comfort in dark environments.

LESS LABORIOUS: While using an electric screwdriver, you would need fewer efforts. When a workpiece requires a large number of screws, these tools are ideal for that job. Electric screwdrivers allow you to undertake a range of jobs with the same tool. 


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EFFICIENT: These tools allow to insert screws accurately and quickly. Electric screwdrivers have a powerful drill capability that provides a lasting effect. 

VERSATILE: In most electric screwdrivers, two things are common i.e. variable speed and reverse action. Variable speed assures more control and efficiency while working and reverse action is a hallmark feature that allows to quickly insert screws and remove them. Due to their adjustable speed, electric screwdrivers offer fast work at a time. 

COST-EFFECTIVE: You require various types of screwdrivers in your toolbox to get the perfect results. These tools come in a set that has different shaped screwdrivers. Each one is best suited for its job. If you get a multipurpose electric screwdriver, you can enjoy the benefits of different capabilities integrated into one device. In this way, you can work efficiently at a very low cost. 

These are the benefits of using an electric screwdriver over the traditional one. Now, you can make up your mind for buying these tools after reading all the important aspects related to it.

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