What Tools used in Making Drone?

Drone maintenance tool
1, spare bracket

The bracket is one of the important parts for the drone to fly. Once a failure occurs, the drone must be landed immediately and replaced with a spare bracket. It is good to consult the drone supplier to determine the matching model of the drone's spare bracket.

2, small toolbox

Make sure you have the tools needed for fast on-site repairs. Maybe your drone is very high-end and does not require any tools for maintenance, or you already have all the tools you need when you buy the drone, then maybe you need to prepare a small screwdriver to ensure that it is foolproof.

3, soldering iron

You may not carry a soldering iron with you when you go out, but once the drone’s wires or electronics have a major failure, it would be better to have a soldering iron on hand. Bringing a soldering iron or not is one of the important criteria to distinguish professionals from amateurs. However, if you have never used a soldering iron, it is better to ask an experienced friend to help, or watch the instruction video on the video by yourself.

4, a small soft cleaning brush
Is used to remove the dirt that may be trapped in the corners and gaps of the drone. If you can't find such a small brush, you can use a pipe cleaner instead.

5. Canned compressed air
It can be used to remove dust from the "sensitive parts" of the drone, such as the dust next to the motor or circuit board, without damaging the drone.

6, isopropanol
Can make your drone shell as clean as new. This cleaner can remove 99% of all kinds of stubborn stains such as dirt, grass stains, blood, etc., without damaging the circuit.

7, microfiber cloth
If you want to take apart the drone for general cleaning, this cloth is indispensable. It can work with isopropanol and it works perfectly.

8, three-in-one multi-purpose lubricant
Before flying the drone, be sure to carry a bottle of three-in-one multi-purpose lubricant to prevent temporary needs.

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