What Electric Soldering Iron is Best for FPV?


Our lives are surrounded by several electronic gadgets or equipment at any given time. Most of the circuits in these devices tend to fail overtime and need repairs. If that is not the case, we might be working on a new project that involves these miniature circuit. A very common and handy tool while working with electronics is a soldiering iron. With a good tool at your disposal, you feel confident Ann motivated in completing your project. Therefore, we add Sequre bring to you our latest and high tech programmable mini soldiering iron. The Sequre SQ- 001 is a very portable and powerful tool when it comes to dealing with your electronic circuits. We shall be taking a in depth look at some of its cool features and practical aspects as well.

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SQ-001 Eelectric Solder Iron for FPV Unboxing Experience:
Unboxing experience off the SQ- 001 is very minimalistic and focus oriented. With a neat and tiny box, we are provided with the basics yet essential contents required to fulfill the needs of any project. The box itself is very small and you will be surprised to know that a full fledge item expect within. Opening the box, you are provided with a user or instruction manual, a soldiering stand which also has a dedicated sponge to wipe off the tip, a power given with an XT- 06 connection on it, the hot tip or better known as the tip of the soldering iron, and Lastly the unit itself. While holding the unit for the first time it is unbelievable that such a powerful and capable tool can be packaged in such a smart and sleek form factor. We would like to mention here that the soldiering tip comes separated from the unit itself in order to protect it while shipping and it can be swapped later on as well.

Product Description:
At first the entire box of SQ- 001 is very minimalistic and contains the very basics of a soldering iron, but we are particularly interested and the unit itself. So, let's get a closer look at the features and tricks of this tiny soldering iron. The overall footprint of the device is very similar to a white board marker. It has similar width and length to it and it is made out of Stainless Steel,Copper. Up front we have a tiny OLED display which shows various parameters an operating mode of this soldiering iron, followed by we have two selectable mode buttons which are very tactile and responsive to touch, on back of the device we have the power port. This is all that is to discuss about the device aesthetics and appearance. This tiny device along with the soldiering tip weighs just 30 grams which is very unbelievable figure. However, we would like that such a device should have an advocate weight to it so that the operational fatigue can be minimized and a better grip could be provided to the users. On the other hand, this lightweight soldiering iron also proves to be a very handy tool when you are on the go or not near your working bench. It can be very useful for college students while they are through their projects and can easily pack this tiny soldiering can be packed into their backpacks to take it anywhere with them let's say college or University. The assembly of the SQ- 001 is also very simple and can be done in a matter of seconds. In order to get your device prepared you just need to insert the hot end or the tip into the dedicated slot on the device itself and tie down the tiny screw up to the recommended torque. Once this is done just insert the power cable and you're good to go. Once the power cable is connected the device immediately recognizes the power source and goes into the sleep mode. While doing this the tiny display shows the heating process of the soldiering tip in real time with temperatures being displayed affectively. It is worth mentioning here that it gets the tip ready hot enough very quickly as compared to conventional soldering irons. The next cool feature that comes loaded in the SQ- 001 which cannot be found in conventional soldiering iron units is that you can adjust the temperature of the soldering tip according to your needs and the project requirements. The earlier mentioned two buttons marked A & B can be used to increase or decrease the temperature of tip according to your needs. Once your desired temperature is reached and you need the device to be sitting idle, you can press both buttons simultaneously for a few seconds to put the device in sort of a sleep or low power mode. This is very handy when working through projects where you could be fixing something and need your soldiering iron ready and not getting cold while keeping it unattended. This maintains the temperature of the soldering tip to your fed temperature and is always ready when you need it. You should not be dazzled or confused by its tiny size. Seeing and holding this soldiering island might feel that it can be very underpowered but this is not the case. The 65 watts on board heating element is very powerful and this operate at two of the given voltage choices. The power choices are also very versatile it can be operated from a common notebook or laptop charger ranging from 12- 24 volts. The preset temperature from the factory is about 300 degrees Celsius with a very accurate tolerance of about plus minus 2%. The thing which makes the SQ- 001 very smart and stand out from conventional soldiering units is that it has a STM 32 processor on board as well. To all those who are not familiar with such a processor we would like to elaborate that this kind of computing unit is capable of open-source design and can be catered according to the needs of users. In this case the interface is a micro-USB port that can be used to download parameter files through various websites and update the firmware as well. While updating it takes almost few minutes and once it's done new features such as active sleep mode and precise soldiering tip conditions can be added. A tiny drawback for the stainless-steel construction is that if you use the SQ- 001 for a prolonged period of time let's say over 40 minutes continuously at 350 degrees Celsius the body of the unit might get as hot as 50 to 60 degrees Celsius. We would recommend 2 divide your project in several sections and then use the unit effectively this would both give you more time to work on your project and concentrate and also the soldiering unit can have a break as well.

People Comment on Soldering iron Use in FPV:

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WOW, love it
Got the for my FPV bag but now use it all the time on projects. Easy and fast to heat up.

Must have solder iron
When I first recieved this iron in the mail I only had a half charged 4s lipo to test it and my first impressions was wow, it heated up so fast especially because it was at so I tried re soldering some of the wires on my drone and I thought my solder was bad giving me grey dull solder joints and not enough flux, but i was wrong the sq-001 iron made the solder joints the best they've ever been, it also holds it temperature really well, so I wonder how much better it will before with a 6s lipo at 24v, I highly recommend this to anyone who does big or small soldering and for us fpv pilots who break stuff in the field, good job sequre.

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SQ-001 is a great addition for any hobby
The SQ-001 is a great little soldering iron for the R/C workbench or out on the track. I am blown away on how powerful it is for it’s size. The features and price can’t be beat. I would highly recommend this iron to anyone. Thanks Sequre for a great product.

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Final Verdict:
For someone who is actively involved in dealing with miniature electronic circuits, or is undergoing a project that involves complex circuitry and needs to perform various repairs the SQ- 001 solder iron is a very tiny and capable soldiering unit. It is very portable and the sleek design means that you can carry it around very easily. The on board 65 watts heating element is also very impressive paired with the smart processor and practical features that keep your device ready for you at any given time are very handy. We highly recommend the SQ- 001 for college students or anyone who needs to spend more time on electronic circuits.

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