What Are The Types And Functions Of Spot Welders

Nowadays, with the diversification of welding parts and materials, the types of welding machines are becoming more and more professional.

(1) AC manual arc welding machine,

(2) Argon arc welding machine

(3) DC welder

(4) Carbon dioxide protection welder

(5) Submerged arc welding machine

(6) Butt welding machine

(7) Spot welding machine

(8) High frequency direct welding machine

(9) Roll welding machine

(10) Aluminum welding machine

(11) Flash press welding machine.

(12) Laser welding machines of all kinds

Main welding range and materials:

(1) AC manual arc welding machine: mainly welding steel plates of 2.5mm

(2) Argon arc welding machine: weld alloy steel below 2MM

(3) DC welder: welding pig iron and non-ferrous metal

(4) CARBON dioxide protection welder: welding thin material below 2.5mm

(5) Submerged arc welding machine: welding H steel, bridge frame and other large steel.

(6) Butt welding machine: mainly welding cable chain and other ring-type materials

(7) Spot welder: weld two steel plates with one click

(8) Hf direct-dithering welder: mainly welding pipes, such as water pipes.)

(9) Welder: welding tank bottom in rolling form

(10) Aluminum welding machine: Specialized in welding aluminum

(11) Flash press welder: to weld copper aluminum joints and other materials

(12) Laser welding machine: specialized in welding the internal wiring of triode.

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