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If you are seeking the best spot welder, you already know the purpose of this tool. It helps to weld nickel sheet together. The popularity of spot welder is increasing day by day among DIY enthusiasts as they often have to weld different small pieces with each other for various purposes. With increasing popularity, lots of brands are creating spot welders. Therefore, the market offers a wide variety, among which finding a quality product is challenging. To make your life a bit easier, I have come up with the best option. I will review SQ-SW1 by Square Mall, currently the most efficient spot welder for DIY people. 

Whether it is the best or not, I am not going to tell. You will find out by yourself once you have made it to the end. This article contains an honest review of this mini spot welder so that you can decide whether it's worth it or not. Let's get started.

The product is available in three different packages. Each package is available in different price ranges. On the package 1, it is split type welding pen set; Package 2 is integrated welding pen set; Package 3 includes both split type welding pen and integrated welding pen. Package3 is highly recommended as it includes two types of soldering pens and you can switch them to meet your different needs.  Refer to the picture below:


spot welder

What’s more, our customers can buy accessories additionally if needed, like

18650 Lithium Battery Fixed Bracket:


Automobile Battery Connection Kit:


18650 Nickel Strip:


Spot Welding Tip Needle


and so on. Many other accessories for building battery pack are available on their website. Super convenient. 

Now let's talk about the main features and qualities. 

Build-Quality: For me, the most thrilling aspect of the product is its fantastic build quality. It looks simple and elegant yet created to last for many years. The build quality of the product is solid with top-notch materials. For sure it will last many years without any problem. It is a compact intelligent spot welder that can be store and carried efficiently from one place to another. 

Versatility: SQ-SW1 battery spot welding machine is versatile. You can use it on a wide variety of electronic products, power tools, power banks, vehicles that runs on electricity, model airplanes, and whatnot. The tool comes with intelligent technology that can fulfill different needs like a true champion. 

Display: SQ-SW1 18650 battery spot welder also offers an impressive OLED display. Thanks to the display, you will get high and low voltage warnings. It is super convenient and straightforward to use. 

Installation Procedure: The installation process is also super simple. It doesn't take much time. Anyone with basic knowledge can complete the installation process within a blink of an eye. 

Price: The price may seem high, but it provides FREE SHIPPING service to most of many countries, and new customer can get extra 3% OFF by using code: sequre. Also, a wise man once said you would get what you pay for. So, pick the one that guarantees satisfactory performance is important. You’ll find out that It's worth the price.

Why Should I buy an SQ-SW1 18650 battery spot welder machine? 

It would be best to buy the SQ-SW1 because it is the best spot welder machine in every aspect. The price of the product is reasonable in terms of the quality you get from it. The welder is solidly built and can serve you many years without any problem. Also, the size of the product is compact, and it offers fantastic welding performance. Not only that, you will get complete satisfaction while using SQ-SW1.

Many experts and professionals use this spot welder in recent days, and as our team talked with them, they said they are delighted with the performance.

18650 battery pack build

If you are still confused about the products, I suggest you not. You will never get anything better than this spot welder for the price. It is highly recommended for the price, performance, and built-quality.

Is there any flaw in SQ-SW1?

Nothing in this world is perfect. Even the moon has some spots on its face, right? This one is not without any flaws. There are few flaws. For example, it does not compatible with all the battery models. Apart from this, it doesn't have any major issue one can consider as flaws.

Safety Tips While Using SQ-SW1 Spot Welder

  • While using a spot welder, you must always read the safety instructions and the user guide with the welding machine. It is an essential factor you should always consider seriously. Always follow the guidance provided by the manufacturer. After all, your life matters the most. 
  • As electrodes pass heat, getting burned or starting a fire is a high possibility. While placing electrodes on a flammable surface, be very sure that those are in cool condition. Otherwise, you can start a fire and which can cause massive destruction. Prevention is better than cure. 
  • The primary and first rule of using a spot welder is that- always wear safety gloves, no matter what. Do not forget it ever. 
  • Spot welders can create sparks, so wearing face and eye protection while using is another crucial factor you should consider. 
  • Never look directly at the light created by the spot welder.
  • As metal surfaces are contaminated easily, keeping your work environment clean is also essential. If the work environment is dirty, it can result in sticking to the electrodes. Keep your working area clean. 
  • While welding, electrodes can be stuck if they are not aligned perfectly. It can also stick if the force is too low. So check properly before you work. 
  • If the heat is extreme, electrodes can get stuck too. So, remember to keep an eye on this as well. 
  • To avoid short circuits, keep the two electrodes and solder pins separated from each other. 
  • Keep correct wiring as mentioned in the user manual. 
  • If you are using the product for the first time, the welding pulse duration should be 2ms, and check the result after following the proper welding procedure for better welding results. 
  • Using higher current or non-factory parts can cause damage. It would be wise if you did not do that. In case you want to, the risk is yours. 

Final Words

Nowadays, we cannot imagine a day without a Lithium-ion battery. Lithium-Ion Batteries are everywhere and in every modern thing. Consequently, spot welders have become an everyday necessity. As I mentioned on top of the article, the problem is to find the best model from a wide variety of options. Therefore, I have reviewed the SQ-SW1 mini spot welder, considered one of the best in the market by many experts. 

What people usually need from a spot welder? I am sure they want something simple and easy to operate, can be carried and stored easily, and most importantly, produce a clean weld. In terms of design, safety features, and performance, I can indeed say SQ-SW1 is one of the best spot welders in the market today. You indeed purchase this product without any second thought. 

That’s all for today. I hope we will meet again soon with some other reviews, tips, and tricks. Till then, please keep visiting!

Stay Safe! 

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