Electric Magnetic Screwdriver for pc Building

A lot of people will ask if the screw driver with magnetic will damage the computer hardware?
Generally not. In fact, when you dismantle the computer, the power is cut off.
Can the main computer be removed with a magnetic screwdriver?

Of course, it can, but it must be in the off state, because in the on state, the current in the chip will change due to magnetism, which will lead to logic errors and may cause computer failure. When the machine is turned off, there is no effect with a magnetic screwdriver. If you have to install more than one computer a day, you will be very tired without using a magnetic screwdriver.

Pay attention to screw down the screw after removal, and don't drop the screw on the motherboard, otherwise the motherboard will be burned after power up.

Assembling a computer requires a proper assembly site and all kinds of necessary tools


Assembling a computer requires a suitable assembly site and all kinds of necessary tools. Only when these equipment are ready in advance can the process of assembling a computer go smoothly.


(1) Assembly table. When installing the machine, we must choose a suitable height and spacious enough assembly platform. The computer desk that has been purchased is the best assembly table.


(2) Screwdriver for PC building. There are two kinds of screwdrivers, i.e. slotted screwdrivers and cross screwdrivers, both of which must be prepared in advance. In addition, it's better to prepare a magnetic cross screwdriver, so that you can easily absorb and install various types of screws, easy to assemble and disassemble the computer.

(3) Tweezers. Tweezers can be used to clamp bolts and other fragmentary things in a small space, and can also be used to set jumpers on hardware.

(4) All kinds of small parts and parts box. Before the installation, we should also prepare some bolts, gaskets and other small accessories for the unexpected needs in the assembly process. The parts box is used to hold all kinds of small parts and hardware accessories used in the installation, so as to avoid losing or leaving them in the chassis, causing hidden dangers.

(5) Tie the cord. The wire binding card is used to bind the power line and data line in the chassis to make the internal channel of the chassis smooth and easy to heat dissipation.

(6) Power socket. The power socket is used to supply power to the computer after the computer is assembled to test whether the computer can operate normally.

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