Why should you own an electric screwdriver?


In daily home life, it is often inevitable to disassemble or fasten screws. When lots of repair work is required, you will feel the hands start to cramp. At this moment you will really want to have an electric screwdriver.

Compared with traditional screwdrivers, electric screwdrivers are obviously more time-saving and labor-saving. In particular, electric screwdrivers have more bit options and are more often used in daily use. It can easily deal with different screws. Electric screwdriver is exquisite, portable and compact, and is more suitable for quartz watches, cameras, radios, computers, mobile phones, drones and other conventional household appliances, to meet most of the daily repair needs.

Advantages of an Electric Screwdriver


Compared to traditional manual screwdriver, the screwdriver has a very convenient way to use the shape, which can be used for a long time.  These tools allow to insert screws accurately and quickly.Their high-speed configuration allows us to use them to complete all the work in a short time. Since they are electrically operated, no manual force is required. Therefore, even after a long time of use and work, you will not feel tired. It is convenient and efficient.


An electric screwdriver enables a cost-effective process. You can complete tasks quickly, so a screwdriver can provide you with an amazing return on investment. Use a screwdriver to directly increase your productivity while ensuring that the quality of work is also improved. You can use the screwdriver for a long time and complete more work in the shortest time.

Build in light

Electric screwdrivers may also have built-in lights. Therefore, they can be used in low-light spaces and situations. You can also use them in dark areas and dimly lit areas and corners. The lighting reduces errors and provides easier task handling. At the same time, the torsion can also be set to facilitate various use need.


A screwdriver may also have a screw bit“set” so that it can be used for different applications, which fully cover most of the objects in home life. You simply need to change the screw bit  to be used for different device repair work. 

Direction sensing

The new intelligent electric screwdriver may has multi-directional angle sensing function. You just need to give it a little direction with your hand, and it will easily screw or unscrew according to the direction sense, and you don't need to use a little bit of force.

Higher productivity, less time wasted, higher comfort, and overall more efficient working days. This happens when you have the right tools for the job. Now, you can decide to buy these tools after reading all the important aspects about them. To buy an electric screwdriver, visit sequremall.com, an company focus on smart DIY tool. 

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