How to Drive Sequre 57 closed Loop Stepper Motor


Drive sequre 57 closed Loop (Nema 23) stepper motor steps:

A open 4, calibration mode. First reverse, then smooth. Step angle 1.8 degree

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B open 3, open loop mode. 1024 pulses per turn

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C open 1, 3. Open loop mode. 2048 pulses per turn

D open 2, 3. Closed loop mode. 4096 pulses per turn

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E open 1, 2, 3. Closed loop mode., 8192 pulses per turn

F enable signal

nema 23 closed loop stepper motor
G direction control
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Nema 23 stepper motor easy to drive with Arduino, quiet and great torque. Can be use in cnc, 3d printer, prototype robot etc DIY project.
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customers prototype robot by use sequre 57 close loop stepper motor

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