SI012 Pro Max Firmware Upgrade

Firmware update steps:

The user holds down the "A" button and does not let go. After connecting the PC and soldering iron using USB, the "UPDATE" interface appears on the soldering iron screen. Paste the downloaded firmware in the computer disk, and the "READY" in the soldering iron screen changes to "YES", the firmware is successfully upgraded, and the connection is disconnected.



SI012 Pro Max_V1.02_Firmware_release_update_description:

SI012 Pro Max V1.02 Firmware update description

1."Language" update support Chinese, English, Russian language selection, default English.

2.Add "TurboSets", which support two temperature adjustment modes: manual and preset. The default mode is manual.

3."TempStep" range is updated from 1 to 100.

4."Brightess" range is updated from 1 to 10.

5.Do some optimization.

1.Before upgrading the firmware, please make sure that the name of the product(SI012 Pro Max) is the same as the name of the downloaded firmware(SI012 Pro Max_V1.02). An incorrect upgrade may cause irreversible damage to the product.  

2.The firmware is only used for product upgrades of SEQURE users, please contact SEQURE if you have any questions.


Turbosets_manual_en-ru PDF download : Turbosets_manual_en-ru.pdf

SI012 Pro Max firmware downloadSI012 Pro Max_V1.02.hex


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