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      USB Isolator Description:

      ■ Compatible with USB2.0

      ■ ADUM3160 isolation voltage: 2500V

      ■ Power module isolation voltage: 1500V 

      ■ Supports USB full speed 12Mbps, does not support pure high-speed devices

      ■ Support USB control transmission, batch transmission, interrupt transmission,synchronous/isochronous transmission

      ■ Power supply: from the USB port of the host computer

      ■ No drive, more convenient to use

      ■ Operating environment: -40℃ to 85℃


      Package Included:

      USB Isolator× 1


      Package Size:

      Product Size: 65*23*14mm
      Net Weight Of Product: 15g

      Package Size: 105*65*30mm
      Packing Weight: 17g