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      SQ-D60+6pcs Tips . Meet your different welding needs!

      Looking for a Budget high quality micro soldering pencil for your fpv toolkit, for motherboards, then look no further than the new Sequre SQ-D60B with the popular BC2 Tip.

      The Sequre SQ-D60 B is a portable mini 60W soldering iron that can be powered via the included XT60 connector between 12-24v.

      SQ-D60B PDF

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      Package included:                         

      1 x Mainframe

      7x Solder Tips  (TS-K,TS-KU,TS-B2,TS-I,TS-D24,TS-BC2,TS-C4)    

      1 x Conversion Line

      1 x Instruction Manual

      1 x Soldering Iron Stand

      1 x Hex Key

      1 x XT60 Power Cable 


      If you’re sure that doesn’t suit your needs, look to one of the American Beauty models we recommended. Good luck, and go create something amazing!

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      Sequre Team