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      PCB Welding Auxiliary Clamp with LED light Magnifier 360 degree Multifunctional Equipment Maintenance Station 


      The auxiliary clamp with led light and magnifying glass is suitable for small circuit maintenance. The auxiliary clamp is used to fix the PCB board. Use the magnifying glass to enlarge the working point for welding and other operations. It is widely used in maintenance industry inspections, industrial electronics, laboratories and other fields.

      Auxiliary Clip
      Best Auxiliary Clamp
      Buy auxiliary clamp with LED light
      Auxiliary clip magnifier
      Maintenance auxiliary clamp


      Options: Maintenance auxiliary clamp

      Package Included:

      Maintenance auxiliary clamp × 1

      Overall Dimension

      Product Size:  /

      Net Weight Of Product: 288g

      Package Size: 120*80*130mm

      Packing Weight: 336g