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      Note: This Nickel Strip is not for single sale. Please don't order in single order. But you can make a cross buy or order bulk, order bulk 10 pcs MOQ, Cross Buy without Limit. Thank you for your support, enjoy your shopping!

      Products Description: It is mainly used for welding battery pack of spot welding machine, with different Products Specifications of 0.1 * 8mm, 0.15 * 8mm, 0.2 * 8mm and 0.3 * 8mm.

      Product Size:

      0.1 * 8mm (5m / roll)

      0.15 * 8mm (3m / roll)

      0.2 * 8mm (5m / roll)

      0.3 * 8mm (5m / roll)

      Package Include:
      1×Nickel Strip

      Net weight: 80g

      Package size: 150 * 100 * 45mm

      Weight after packaging: 120g