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      Motor Parameters:

      Maximum power: 2450W
      Maximum current: 65A
      Maximum voltage: 12S
      Maximum torque: 7Nm
      Motor resistance: 0.053Ohm
      Recommended driver: ODESC
      Motor weight: 1.23lb / 0.56kg
      Motor length: 54mm
      Motor diameter: 63mm
      Number of motor poles: 14
      Motor wire: 320mm silicone wire 12AWG wire, with 4.0mm gold bullet male head
      Motor line configuration: blue=A, black=B, yellow=C

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      8mm round short shaft 6354 Brushless DC Motor drawing

      8mm round long shaft 6354 Brushless DC Motor drawing

      Package Included:
      6354 motor × 1
      Aluminum bracket × 2
      M4*10 screw × 12
      55mm copper pillar × 4
      Hall extension cord × 1

      Package Size:

      Product Size: 95*68*68mm
      Net Weight Of Product: 740g

      Package Size: 150*95*90mm
      Packing Weight:813g