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      10S 35A Lithium Battery 18650 Charger PCB BMS Protection Board 42V Cell

      Product Feature:

      Application: nominal voltage 3.7V ternary lithium battery, 18650 etc.

      Charging Voltage: 42V

      Max Output Current: 35A


      Product Parameter

      Overcharge protection

      Detection voltage:4.25±0.025V

      Detection delay:100±50ms

      Release voltage:4.15±0.05V

      Over discharge protection

      Detection voltage:2.7±0.1V

      Detection delay:100±50ms

      Release voltage:3.0±0.1V

      Balanced voltage

      Detection voltage:4.2±0.025V

      Detection delay:100±50ms

      Balanced voltage:42±5mA

      Discharge overcurrent protection

      Detection voltage:150mV

      Detection delay:100±50ms

      Current protection:120±20A

      Short circuit protection

      Trigger condition: external short circuit

      Detection delay:300us

      Release condition: disconnect the load

      Temperature control protection

      Charging working temperature: can be customized

      Discharge working temperature: can be customized

      Release condition: recover within working temperature


      Work power consumption:≦35uA

      Sleep over discharge power consumption:≦10uA

      range of working temperature:-30/+80℃


      Note: Lithium batteries are inherently dangerous. In order to reduce accidents, please know the professional knowledge of this module before buying. Assemblers need to have professional operating knowledge and experience. Non-professionals should not use it without authorization.

      Package Included:

      1*PCB Protection Board


      Overall Dimension:

      Product Size: 70*50*10mm

      Net Weight Of Product: 60g

      Package Size: 180*120*10mm

      Packing Weight: 63g