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      For 65162 slotting shaft:

      Blade type: 7 1/2× 7-ba, teeth: 9 teeth, leaves: 3

      Material structure: the blade is made of high quality aluminum alloy, with strong toughness, abrasion resistance, seawater corrosion resistance and not easy to break.The inner lining rubber sleeve is a natural wellhead rubber. After hitting the obstacle, the shaft sleeve will not slip, anti-aging, has a strong shock-absorbing effect, and can effectively protect the motor.


      Net weight: 280g, gross weight: 365g;


      Blade size: diameter 190mm/7.5 ", height 45mm, wheelbase 41mm

      Package size: 16cm*19cm*6cm;

      Applicable object: two/four stroke 4/5/6 horsepower outboard propeller