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      The intelligence soldering iron is made of copper and stainless steel, high temperature resistance and oxidation resistance. Adjustable temperature controlled soldering irons:

      • Temperature Range:100 °C-400 °C
      • Power:65W
      • Input Voltage:12V-24V

      there is a special thermostat circuit to control the temperature and You can adjust the temperature according to the need by pressing the button on the electronic soldering iron. 

      TS100 Mini iron is a kind of intelligent numerical control soldering iron with internal heating. It is light in design, easy to disassemble, assemble and store, comfortable in hand, efficient in heating elements and simple in control interface. It is an indispensable tool for electronic workers. 
      Working between DC12-24V, with OLED screen, temperature adjustment button.

      Specifications:parameterTS100 Mini  Electric Soldering Iron:

      Net weight of product: 31.6g

      Bare machine length: 96mm / 3.78in

      Continuous soldering head length: 167mm / 6.57in
      Features :

      1. Based on 304 stainless steel nested polycarbonate shell, integrated safety circuit design power interface, anti-static structure, embedded STM 32 processor chip, dual temperature sensors and accelerated extreme coordination,Heat up fast and work great, 65 W, thermostat range 100 °C-400 °C, automatic sleep, over-temperature alarm and other functions.
      2. External independent power supply: DC 5525 power interface, suitable for notebook DC 12-24 V power supply, vehicle power supply and mobile power supply.
      3. Micro USB Interface: Customize your own temperature curve and button functions by editing parameter files.
      4. Additional features: Open source for writing your own applications.
      5.Compliant with EU certification: CE FCC

      Humanized Design:

      • Easy to use: No need soldering station, just plug and play. Mini size, easy to carry out.
      • Temperature Display and Control Key on Handle.
      • Temperature rise/fall can be achieved with only one finger.
      • Sleep mode: Effectively prevent drying and fever. Extend the service life of welded joints.
      • The anti-static structure is connected with the ground wire, which is safer.
      • Design your own heating curve.Write APP according to your own needs.
      The package includes:
      1 x TS100 Digital LCD Soldering Iron
      1 x welded joint
      1 x security instructions
      1 x user manual
      1 x hexagonal wrench (for replacing suction head and heating element)