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      SQ-001 Solder Iron Test & Review 

      Since our SQ-001 Soldering Iron was launched on the market, it has been received wide positive feedback. To let more people know about SQ-001 Soldering Iron, we would like to invite our fans to review this product. Only 10 set is available!


      1.The content is required to be as detailed as possible, more than 5 mins. It could be a DIY project/unboxing and usage test or any other creative video.

      2. Share your reviews content in a Facebook group related to DIY project which has over 1K members.

      3.The review post must tag Sequre facebook's official page and link to our SQ-001 product page.

      4.Share your using experience comment on our website’s product page of SQ-001. 

      5. Within 1 month of receiving the product, you need to do a review then contact us for a refund. Refund request will not be accepted after 1 month.

      How to get SQ001 solder iron for review:
      Step 1: Get the review set at this page with regular price first.(Leave a note at check out page about type of soldering tip you need to us, or we will send randomly.)
      Step 2: Finish your review and share your content with an related platform. Send your order number and the link of the review to the e-mail:
      Step 3: Our team will check your review link, the cost will be refunded to your account if the video meet our requirement.


      1.Each ID is limited to 1pcs. 

      2.Choose registered mail at the check out page, express is not supported. 

      If you have any questions, please feel free to contact