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      220V/110V Welding Exhaust Anti-static Smoke Absorber Remover Fume Extractor Air Filter Fan Smoking Instrument For Soldering


      1. Breathe easy with the Smoke Absorber bench top smoke absorber. The Smoke Absorber removes soldering smoke and fumes quickly, safely and efficiently.

      2. The unit can be used in a vertical (standing up) position or low-profile position (laying down.) When used in the low-profile (laying down) position, efficiency and air flow is increased by approximately 2.6 times.

      3. Unit is made of non-sloughing static dissipative conductive material and operates quietly

      4. Standard activated carbon filter (PN: A1001) absorbs up to 80 percent of the odors from the air and is easy to replace

      5. Can be used vertically (upright) or horizontally/low profile (laying down)

      6. Uses existing 493 filters and accessories

      7. ESD-safe by design


      Voltage: AC 110V 220V

      Power Consumption: 19/16W

      Color: Blue

      Absorption Capacity(w/o filter): Approx. 1.07m3/min. (37.79ft m3/min.)

      Outer Dimensions: 155x 215 x 110mm

      Cable length: 1.6m

      Package includes: 

      1 x Soldering Smoke Absorber(110V/220V)
      1 x Sponge filter

      Smoke Absorber 2

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