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       45W PD Power Adapter Features:

      1. 110V ~ 240V input voltage can be used, stable current and fast charging output.
      2. PC flame-retardant and fire-retardant materials, integrated design without joints, beautiful and elegant appearance.
      3. The internal integrated intelligent constant current circuit has over-voltage / over-current / over-charge protection functions, as well as strong stability and safety charging capabilities. It can not only charge mobile devices, but also prevent your mobile devices from Used damage.
      4. It can be a PD power adapter and universal interface DC 5525 and TYPE-C.
      5. Brand new and high quality. Suitable for SQ-001, D60 intelligent electric iron.
      6. It provides stable and reliable power.


        Input voltage range: AC100-240V

        Output: DC QC3.0 + TYPE-C PD

        Input current: 1.3A

        Output power: 45W

        Color: Black

        Material: Pure PC fireproof plastic

        Output voltage accuracy: 5%

        Current output range: 2.25-3A

        Voltage output: 20V

        Plug: US Plug / EU Plug

        Power supply size: 60mm * 60mm * 30mm

        Output line length: 1.5m

        Weight: about 150g (including power cord)

        The packaging includes:

        1 x PD45W power adapter (US / EU plug optional)

        1 x Fast charging source PD cable (DC5525 Interface/ Type-C Interface) data cable optional

        45W PD Power AdapterPD45W Adapter45W PD Power Adapter45W PD Power Adapter

        Note: The product has been tested by professionals. Suitable for SQ-001, D60 smart soldering iron. (The TYPE-C label is inserted into the PD power supply) Do not use it on other products, at your own risk!


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