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      STM32 Closed-loop 42 Servo Stepper Motor Kit With Driver Board | Suitable for 3D Printing | Compatible Mechaduino

      Motor parameters:
      Product Name: 42 two-phase stepper motor
      Model number :17HS4401

      Step angle : 1.8 °

      Maximum no-load starting frequency : ≥ 1400 PPS

      Rated voltage 3.6V

      Maximum no-load operating frequency : ≥ 4000 PPS

      Rated current : 1.5A / phase

      Phase inductance :3.7 × (1 + 20%) mH

      Holding torque : ≥420 mN.m

      Phase resistance : 2.4 × (1 + 15%) Ω / phase

      Positioning torque : 15 mN.m REF

      Electric strength : AC600V / 1mA / 1S


      Wiring Instructions:

      1. VCC : Connect 12-30V power supply ( Refer to the working voltage of the motor, general 24V )
      2. GND: Ground wire
      3. CLK : Control signal (Connected to pulse input )
      4. DIR: Direction control signal ( Floating forward, ground reverse )
      5. ENA: Connect to enable signal ( Default enable, grounding stops working )
      6. P2: Connect one phase to the motor on each side ( Refer to the motor parameter description,   the motor is divided into two phases AB, pins 1 and 2 are connected to one phase, and pins 3 and 4 are connected to the other phase. )


      DIP switch {ON (1) / OFF (0)}:

      1.Div1, Div2 control pulse frequency division

               (1) 00: 4  subdivision

               (2) 10: 8  subdivision

               (3) 01:16  subdivision

               (4) 11:32  subdivision

      2.Ctl setting control mode, open-loop / closed-loop

                (1) 0 :  Open-loop mode

                (2) 1 :  Closed-loop mode

      3.AC setting calibration

         Turn the AC to position 1, and turn on the power. The LED blinks 3 times to start automatic calibration. The motor shaft rotates counterclockwise for one cycle and then clockwise for one cycle. The system automatic calibration complete and the LED continues to flash. The AC dial returns to position 0, and then restart power.


      Application examples:

      1. 3D printing with fine closed-loop positioning
      2. Optical precision aiming (Laser, telescope, camera gimbal, etc.)
      3. Speed loop record player
      4. Force feedback / impedance control robot
      5. Force feedback of game controller
      6. Adjustable mechanical impedance: virtual spring, damper, etc.
      7. Electric transmission device between two axes such as CNC machine tools
      8. Gravity elimination (eg: offset gravity torque on the robot arm, etc.)
      9. Load detection and feature description (Used as a balance, etc.)
      10. Paper towel / TP distributor

      11.Variable load (Brake, generator, etc.)

      12.Valve control (Automated garden hose, etc.)

      Stepper Motor Driver Package includes : 

      1× complete machine

      1× 6P cable

      1× instruction manual

      Note: The product is installed and tested by our professional staff, and you can use it
      normally when you receive the goods.

      Details :Stepper Motor Driver Board

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