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      18650 polymer lithium battery

      Detachable, waterproof in 30 meters depth,60-120 minutes life

      Portable lithium battery is more safe, convenient and efficient.No water leakage after the pressure test at a depth of 30 meters.Its core adopts special technique and it supports fast charge mode. The battery can be used for 60-120 minutes under normal circumstances.

      Leakage prevention, multiple protection

      Latest waterproof patent

      The battery cabin has advanced waterproof structure that invented by HGLTECH, and got an official patent certificate. The battery cabin was sealed three times to eliminate any possibility of leakage, and also set multiple protection mechanics to ensure the users’ safety.


      1.Big capacity

      18650 lithium battery has capacity of 1200mah to 3600mah depends on the price, but the normal battery capacity is 800mah. HGLTECH-18650 lithium battery has reached the ultimate balance between capacity and volume, as it has small volume, light weight, and long continuance.

       2. Long service life

      18650 battery can be reused over 500 times under normal circumstances, which is twice above as much as average batteries.

       3. Safe

      18650 lithium battery is highly safe, because it won’t explode, burn, and it has no pollution is not toxic . Besides, it resists heat well, it has 100% discharge efficiency when at 65 Celsius degrees.

      In order to prevent short circuit, the positive and negative anodes are separated, so the possibility of short circuit is lowered as much as possible. In addition, a protection board is installed to avoid overcharge and over-discharge of the battery, which can also extend the service life of the battery.

      Battery parameters

      Voltage: 48V

      Capacity: 15Ah

      Quick charging time: 2.5H

      Waterproof rate: IP68

      Weight: 4.9KG

      Install Method: Quick plug self-locking

      Charging Adapter:

      Voltage: 54.6V  Current:5A   

      Charging type: contact charging    

      Charger type: quick charging adapter


      Net Weight: 4.9KG

      Gross Weight: 5.56KG

      Package Size: 36*25*26cm