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      An amazing gift for your friends or family members who are hobbyists, DIY enthusiasts or soldering beginners.

      Brand name: SEQURE                                                      
      Model:  SQ-A110
      Conditions: New 
      Temperature  range: 100-500 ° C (212-932 ° F)  
       Power supply: 110V ~ 240V
      Grounding impedance of welding nozzle: < 2 Ω
       Ground voltage of welding nozzle: < 2mv
      Dimension (about): 236mm (length)  x  23.6mm (maximum diameter)  / 9.29in (length)  x 0.93in (maximum diameter)       


      DIY Soldering Station Features:

       Small size, three key design, powerful function.

       Fast temperature recovery, heating speed 8 seconds.

       High quality heating body, high platinum temperature sensitivity.

       Two display temperature modes (Celsius, Fahrenheit).

       With sleep function to save energy and LED indicate sleep state.

       Microcomputer temperature compensation value, temperature error less than plus or minus  5   degrees.

       High insulation, soft touch power cord.

       Digital display, clear content at a glance.

       Memory mode function.

       Handle is made of special high temperature resistant material and ESD anti-static treatment.

       Equipped with black diamond solder tip, it has strong tin loading capacity and fast heat transfer speed.       

      Package includes:

      1  x  SQ-A110 Intelligent constant temperature electric soldering iron (default contain 1x 900 M-T-B) (optional  European plug or American plug)

      1 x Instructions

      1 x Thick large 900M-T-K

      1 x Metal soldering frame  


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      1. When the soldering iron is plugged in for the first time, there will come out a smoke from the tip end. The smoke will stop in a short while and a smoke would never come out again.
      2. The soldering iron stand gives you the PROTECTION from those nasty accidents, Protection from burnt fingers and protection from causing a fire by simply placing the solder iron on the stand when you need a break.
      3. For prolonging service life, When not using it temporarily and don't let the soldering iron stay at high temperature all the time.
      4. Please be really careful when you are using the tools in avoidance of pricks or other injuries,You'd better keep it somewhere kids can't reach.


      To the Buyer: Dear customers, thanks for the support to Sequre. After your order is confirmed, please note the declare value on the checkout page, so that we can deliver the goods to you quickly.Wish you a happy life.

      Sequre Team